243 Barrels per Second.

21 million barrels of oil are consumed by the United States every year. That' s a lot of oil. But with all of the harmful and negative effects that oil has on the environment, from carbon pollution to oil spills, I have to wonder, why do we continue to rely on oil as a primary energy source? There are countless alternatives to oil out there, so why are we still using a fuel that is known to have negative environmental effects? It's like using some out-of-date software that slows your computer down when you have a brand new version sitting on your desk. It just doesn't make sense. Existing alternatives may not be flawless at the moment, but I'm betting that with some further research and testing, any alternative, such as wind power, could be turned into a leading energy source.

So let's rethink this whole oil thing, and consider other sources of energy that won't have lasting negative environmental effects for future generations.


Christy :) said...

Hey Jayme just checking to see it these posts are working.

dormouse74 said...

hiya, if you are seriousl into the whole oil/eco thing and havent read it already, and dont mind a BIG book, i suggest you read the transition handbook by rob hopkins

Bike Commuter said...

Cool site.

I have another book suggestions, You'll love it!

It's called Gaviotas, a village to reinvent the world... something like that. I promise, you'll love it.

Jayme said...

Thank you both for the book suggestions!

I checked out both of them on the web and they look very interesting, so it looks like I'll have to track them down to read sometime soon!